AH...EAU! - the magic fountains


It was my creative aim to create an absolutely new kind of indoor-fountains.
They should be different from every other fountain on the market you can buy.


First differerent characteristic is that they offer practical and multipurpose use. The slogan is „more than bubbly water“.

If you own an Ah…Eau! – fountain you won’t only get a lot of fun rather it will  represent a useful long-term investment.


The second differerent characteristic is the used material. Ah…Eau! – fountains are made of water resistant and easy to clean wood.

This is a novelty for fountains. No cold and hard material like stones and steel! The characteristic of wood is natural, warm and homely

and it completes your interior style perfectly. Therefor you get really new possibilities to integrate lively water and plants within your living space.


We make it possible to create the fountain with your corporate design or further individualisations. What’s about your logo, corporate slogan for example?


Thirdly our fountains offer two indirect and discreet shining lamps (LED). Colours and intensity are changeable. Use it as a smooth light accent at day i.e. in the hotel lounge or bar. Or as a economical lighting, maybe by using the motion detector.


The current fountain model is the „Eau Asia“.

The dancing teacups are a very special feature: three teacups (fine antique porcellain) only get in motion through a very little amount of water. They submit the water to the following cup and you will hear a sequence of nice silent sounds while turning back. Additionally a chinese gong is not only decoration but another sounding element. It will sound after programming a fixed time, sequence i.e. or by using the motion detector or rc-remote.


Long term aim are a lot of further fascinating different models. For hot countries like Saudi Arabia we engineered a model „Ice Edge“ that will not only give you cooling by sight but actual cooling with an additional cooling device. Complete refreshment for your guests! 

There are many more ideas like „Notre Dame“ (cathedral de Paris) with a bell and backlit rose windows, or „Ocean wave“, which gets an impressive real wave and so on. We have the ideas – let’s get together to find your individual solution of an impressive fountain.



Our aim is to bring you a lot of joy in your daily business but also very strongly to your businesspartners and guests. In order to represent your company already at the entrance what it is: a sympathetic company!


Pictures show the current model "Eau Asia"


Et voilà!  Notre  Dame de Paris - the 2018 model of Light-sculpture Indoorfountain.

Handcrafted by Ah ... Eau! - Design.


Significant part of the Ah ... Eau! - Design light-sound fountain "Notre Dame de Paris" (model 2018) is the backlit rose window from the south tower of the cathedral Notre Dame de Paris.


The lamp measures approx. 400 mm in diameter. The high-resolution, highly detailed image is produced in the backlite printing process and is effectively illuminated from behind by a power-saving LED panel of the latest generation. This creates a very intense effect of the colors and the smallest details are wonderfully highlighted.

So you will not even be able to experience the rose window directly in the cathedral.



Also take a look at the video of the overall view that makes you want to travel to the French metropolis of Paris!